Kasturba Health Society’s

Kasturba Nursing College, Sevagram

FON lab Guidelines:

1. Students should wear uniform when in the lab for class or for self -practice.

2. Students are not allowed to bring books or bags inside the labs.

3. Students must make an attempt to keep the lab as quiet as possible during teaching/practice time.

4. Ink permanently stains the manikins, students should only use ink pens at the tables at the end of the bed.

5. Providone Iodine (betadine) permanently stain the manikins. DO NOT use betadine on the manikins or the training models.

6. Manikins should be treated like Human being. Do not misuse the manikin or leave the manikin exposed.

7. Students are not allowed to sit or put any personal items on the beds, stretchers or wheelchairs unless practicing that particular skill under supervision.

8. Students must respect instructions by lab personnel and equipment at all time.

9. Leave the lab in the condition you found it. Place all the chairs back, close the curtains, make the bed and return all supplies to the area you found them

Equipment borrowing Guidelines:

• The maximum borrowing period is 72 hours

• No items can be issued after 05:00pm

• Lab is opened for independent practice up to 8:00 pm

• Any student who does not return the borrowed items on time will not be allowed to borrow items for the rest of the semester.

• In case of damage or lost of an item, the student must pay or replace the item

Equipments safety Guidelines:

• All electrical equipment in the labs will be checked by the lab personnel using the manufacturer guidelines.

• The lab personnel must check that the labs area are free of any trip hazard from leads and cables.

• All faculty must be trained on the use and care of the equipments used in the labs.

• Students should only use the specialized equipments under the supervision of trained faculty.

• Any faculty noticing any damage or fault in the equipments must notify the lab in charge.

• Any faulty electrical equipment must be clearly marked and removed from service.

• The lab personnel must notify the technical affairs of any equipment that needs maintenance or repair.

Sharp disposal Guidelines:

• The person using the sharps must dispose them into a appropriate box immediately after and at the point of use. Never leave them for someone else to clear it away.

• Never leave the sharps protruding from the bin.

• Sharps containers should be securely sealed when they are ¾ full to prevent overfilling.

• Non-sharps should not be placed in the sharps containers.

• No attempt should be made to retrieve items from a sharps container or to press down on sharps to create space in the container.

• Sharps containers should be assembled properly with the lid firmly locked onto the container.

• The sealed sharps containers are stored in a safe storage area pending final disposal (incineration).