Kasturba Health Society’s

Kasturba Nursing College, Sevagram

Computer / IT Lab Rules

The computer rooms’ rules and regulations are not there to spoil anyone's fun. We have a large number of students all using the same facilities, so it is important that there are some procedures in place, which help to maintain the smooth running of the computer rooms. Computers are provided for use in support of approved course work, and should be treated as a shared work tool, rather than a means of passing the time between classes.

All users must behave in a manner that respects their fellow students, staff and equipment. In addition to the normal Institute regulations, the following points must be obeyed:

1. Each person may only use one computer at a time.

2. Computers and peripherals are not to be moved or reconfigured without approval of Class Coordinator / Subject Coordinator / Computer Teacher.

3. Students may not install software on lab computers. If you have a question regarding specific software that you need to use, contact the Class Coordinator and Labs support team.

4. The use of tobacco products is not allowed in computer classrooms and labs.

5. Food is generally not allowed in computer labs, though some exceptions may apply. Check with staff to determine THAT lab’s policy.

6. Drinking Water is allowed.

7. Do not display or print sexually explicit graphics.

8. Behavior and activities that disturb other users or disrupt the operations of the lab are not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: physical activities such as "rough-housing," loud music, etc.

9. Children are only allowed in computer labs if they are well-behaved and supervised at all times. Children may not use the computers or occupy workstation areas. At no time are children to be left unattended.

10. With the exception of service animals assisting individuals with disabilities, no animals are allowed in a computer lab at any time.

11. Students should parks their bicycles & Vehicles in the parking area.

12. Violation of any of the above rules may result in disciplinary action and the loss of lab privileges.

13. Computer games are prohibited.

14. Viewing pornography via sites, via internal email, external email, documents, Internet sites or through any other form on WIT computers is strictly prohibited.

15. Don’t leave rubbish lying around the rooms – use the bins provided. If for some reason, the bin is removed, please bring any discarded papers, bottles, etc, with you. It’s much nicer to work in a clean room than a dirty

16. Users are required to take all reasonable precautions to maintain the integrity of passwords and any other security mechanisms.

It is the responsibility of users to maintain the security of their own passwords. Do not give your passwords to any other user or allow any user to use your account.

17. Any attempt to interfere with the integrity of the systems or data stored on any system is prohibited

18. Subjective learning material (PPT) is available in the computer. Students can use this facility for learning purpose.

19. Students may only access files which they are authorized to access.

20. The holding or distribution of computer files containing any material which is offensive, defamatory, discriminatory, obscene or otherwise illegal is a serious breach of these regulations.

21. IT lab will be open up to 8 pm on Monday to Friday. & up to 5 pm on Saturday.