Kasturba Health Society’s

Kasturba Nursing College, Sevagram

Food & Nutrition Laboratory

1. Students should enter the laboratory only in the presence of the concerned subject teacher.

2. Students should be punctual and be outside the laboratory five minutes prior to the commencement of the class. Their hair should be neatly tied into a bun and covered with a head scarf.

3. Students should carry their laboratory journal / practical notebook.

4. Students must preferably wear cotton garments during cooking classes.

5. They must keep their bags and other belongings only in the space provided.

6. They should thoroughly wash all fresh ingredients like vegetable and fruits.

7. They should weigh all dry ingredients accurately using weighing scales, measuring cups and spoons before cooking.

8. They should measure all liquids accurately with the help of measuring glasses.

9. Students should be weigh ingredients as per instructions and not waste any ingredients; leftover ingredients should be kept back at the correct place.

10. Students must be aware about the proper use of the electrical equipments (refrigerators, blenders, ovens, etc.) and must follow instructions at all times.

11. They should close cupboards properly after taking out the utensils to avoid accidents.

12. Students are not permitted to carry food items prepared in the lab.

13. Students must keep all utensils and equipments in their proper place before leaving the laboratory.

14. They must maintain silence in the laboratory at all times during class hours.

15. Use of mobile phones is prohibited during class hours.

Laboratory Hygiene

1. Long hair should be neatly tied into a bun.

2. Nails should be trimmed and no nail polish should be applied on the nails.

3. Hands should be washed before and after cooking.

4. Tasting of food with hands is prohibited during cooking.

5. All utensils should be cleaned and wiped before and after use. Students must verify the same with the laboratory assistant / concerned teacher before keeping them back in the storage cupboard.

6. Work area (table, stove, burner, slab, sink ground, etc.) must be kept clean during and after use.