Kasturba Health Society’s

Kasturba Nursing College, Sevagram

General Guidelines for Skills Lab and Simulation Labs

The following guidelines maintain safety while using the Nursing Learning Center. It is expected that all involved in classroom, clinical, laboratory, and simulation activities will adhere to these guidelines.

General Guidelines:

1. All students must know and practice within the safety guidelines at all times while using the labs.

Unsafe behavior will not be tolerated and should be reported immediately to faculty. Failure to adhere to general guidelines may result in disciplinary action.

2. Students are expected to come to labs prepared by having completed any scheduled objectives and/or assignments prior to the start of the lab/simulation periods. Students are to have their assigned equipment and supplies necessary for the lab/simulation in their possession.

3. Students must wear student uniforms, name badges, and stethoscopes when participating in lab/simulation activities.

4. Access to the doorways in the labs will be free from obstruction at all times.

5. Learning activities in the lab should be treated in the same professional manner as expected in the actual clinical setting. This expectation includes respectful handling of manikins, equipment, resources and behavior with one another.

Manikins are to be treated with the same respect as live persons.

6. NO EATING OR DRINKING is allowed in the labs.

7. Absolutely no ink pens, felt-tipped markers, iodine, betadine, or KY jelly near the manikins.

These items permanently stain task trainers and manikin skins.

8. All students will practice proper hand washing techniques while using the lab equipment.

9. Gloves will be worn by students during any contact with simulated body fluids.

10. All sharps used in the labs should be disposed of in the approved receptacle (sharps containers)

11. Lab will be open for independent practice up to 8:00 pm

12. Entry time Procedure code and exit time should be recorded in the skill lab Register.

13. Before leaving the lab, all students must return the environment to its original state. All students must:

a. Pick up the area and discard all waste material in trash containers. If trash is full or there is no waste container available, notify faculty.

b. Return all lab supplies into correct containers.

c. Place all needles and sharps in a appropriate sharps container boxes.

d. Wipe up all spills on the floor and counter tops.

e. Return all manikins in the manner in which they were originally set up.