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Psychiatric Nusring


Psychiatric Nusring :

The Department of Mental Health Nursing provides excellent service in psychiatric nursing education, research and practice which include comprehensive and holistic nursing care services aiming at preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative components of neuropsychiatric care in the hospital as well as in the community. 
The Department of Mental Health Nursing actively involved in teaching the post graduates (M.Sc) and undergraduates (P.B.BSc & B.BSc) guiding them in various activities like,
1.Academic activities ( examine the patients, presenting the cases, process recordings and comprehensive care)
2.Assisting in psychotherapies (group therapy, ECT, EEG,etc.)
3.Assisting in patient care
4.Assisting in counseling
5.Carrying out research activities and project works
6.Conducting awareness programmes on mental health related topics
7. Conducting various programmes like:-
World mental health day
Alzheimer’s week
World suicide prevention day
World schizophrenia day