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Library of Kasturba Nursing College is situated on the ground floor, which helps for easy access to the user.
The college has a rich library with stack of latest editions of Medical and Nursing Books, National and International journals and has access to E-Journals. There are 4877  books available at present. It also subscribes to 10 Foreign journals and 12 National Journal. Wi-Fi connection is available free of cost to Students and Teachers. 
Reference section, P.G. reading room and staff reading room is also available. Book bank scheme is available for the needy students. Till now 116 students are benefited by this scheme. Our library is opened beyond the working hours i.e. 8:00 am to 8:00 pm for better utilization.
We have access to the central library of MGIMS which have 30755 books and having subscription to 73 National Journals and 63 international Journals and access to E-Journals from ERMED consortium.

List of Journals Subscribed

Sr.No. Name of Journals
1 American Jr. of Nursing
2 Journal of Nursing Education
3 Asian Journal of Nursing Education and research
4 International Jr. of Advance in Nursing Management
5 International Jr. of Nursing education and research
6 Nursing: International Jr. Of Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing
7 Nursing: International Jr. Of Medical Surgical Nursing
8 Nursing: International Jr. Of Community Health Nursing
9 Nursing: International Jr. Of Psychiatric
10 Nursing: International Jr. Of Child Health Nursing
11 Health Action
12 Nursing Jr. of India
13 Nightingle Nursing Times
14 Advance Nursing (Inventi Impact)
15 Journal of Nursing Research Society of India
16 The Nurse
17 TNNMC Journal of Pediatric Nursing
18 TNNMC Journal of Medical surgical Nursing
19 TNNMC Journal of Community Health Nursing
20 TNNMC Journal of Maternity Nursing
21 TNNMC Journal of Mental Health Nursing
22 TNNMC Journal of Nursing Education