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CNE And Workshops Conducted

Report of workshop


Pediatric Emergency Triage, Assessment and Treatment”

On 7/10/2021 and 8/10/2021


Children accounts for a small percentage of emergency patients but are a special challenge for the health worker in treating and providing care to them.


This workshop will sensitize Nurses about the specific competence to promote excellence of pediatric emergency triage, assessment and treatment to enhance the knowledge, attitudes and skills which are essential for good practice.


At the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Discuss about common pediatric emergencies.

  • Illustrate the updated WHO recommendations on pediatric emergency triage and assessment.

  • Highlight the concept of management in pediatric emergencies.

  • Describe about role of pediatric emergencies.

Online registration was done for the workshop which was scheduled for 7/10/2021 and 8/10/2021. Total 268 participants were joined from various institutions. Pretest was taken online from all the participants to assess the existing knowledge.

The program was started at 10.00 am by welcoming the participants. The first introductory session was by Mrs. Ancy Ramesh, Principal Kasturba Nursing College. In this Mrs. Ancy Ramesh Welcomed all the participants and introduced about the topic.

The next session was on “Common Pediatrics Emergencies” was discussed by Mrs. Usha Shende, Assistant Professor, Kasturba Nursing College. In this session discussion about Seizure, Shock, Dehydration, Respiratory Distress and Severe Acute Malnutrition was done with the participants.


Next session was regarding “Updated WHO recommendation on Pediatric Emergency Triage and Assessment” which was taken by Dr. Anuragsingh Chandel, Assistant Professor, MGIMS. In this session discussion was about new guideline of WHO regarding Assessment pattern in different emergency conditions was done.


Discussion session was opened where participants were allowed to clear their doubt about the topic. Session was closed for the day at 1:00 pm.

Next day on 8th October, 2021 the session was started at 10:00 am where recap was done about previous day’s topic. The next session was on “Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) in Pediatrics and Oxygen Therapy” was discussed by Dr. Akash Bang, Additional Professor, AIIMS, Nagpur. In this session elaborative explanation was given with video and PowerPoint Presentation.


The next session was taken by Dr. Payal Meshram, Assistant Professor, MGIMS, Sevagram about “Fluid Management in Dehydration and Seizure Management in Pediatrics” in which a detailed explanation was given about calculation of fluid in various emergency conditions and immediate management of Seizures.

The last session of the online CNE was taken by Ms. Kamini P. Sao, Assistant Professor, Kasturba Nursing College Sevagram on “Role of Nurse in Pediatric Emergency” in which detailed description was given on key aspect and vital role of Nurse in managing the pediatric emergency situation which is a big contribution for saving the life of a child.


Participants asked various questions and queries about the topics and it was clarified by the speaker. Online Post Test was conducted.

At the valedictory Participants have given feedback after the program. Positive feedback was received from them. They were interestingly participating in discussion and which made it more interactive. At last CNE was concluded with Vote of thanks by Mrs. Priyanka Surjuse. The program was concluded at 1:30 pm.