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Fundamental Lab



Fundamental of Nursing Lab is aimed at helping the students to acquire knowledge, understanding and skills in technique of nursing practice. The 1754.11sqft spacious lab is well equipped with simulators, CPR mannequins, life form hand simulator etc. Two sides of the lab are lined with 8 hospital beds holding “patients” (manikins) dressed in hospital gowns with a pillow, a blanket, an over bed table, a bedside table, a bed side locker, infusion stand and a bed screen for privacy. In the centre of the room is a seating area with tables to enhance visibility for any sized group of students.

All required articles are placed in different cupboards to demonstrate nursing skills. The uniqueness of the Lab is that it combines the atmosphere of the hospital environment with sophisticated learning technology. There are colour coded dustbins for the proper disposal of waste to practice waste management in hospital settings.

The manikins with movable limbs and replaceable parts are recipients of a variety of nursing interventions such as- Hand washing methods, Bed making, positioning, injections, intravenous catheters, nasogastric tubes, Foleys catheters, wound care, hair care, vital signs monitoring, various specimen collection, oxygenation therapy, CPR etc. 

Fundamental Laboratory


  • To provide an appropriate environment for teaching and learning of basic nursing skills.

  • To demonstrate procedures for the nursing students.

  •  To prepare the nursing students to practice the appropriate fundamental skills to meet the needs of patients in healthcare settings.

  • To ensure the students knowledge and skills about various nursing procedures.

  • To enhance students knowledge about basic nursing procedures.

  • To develop an understanding and judgment in planning nursing care.

  • To develop an understanding of professional responsibilities and roles in nursing care.

  • To prepare students to utilize the latest evidenced based nursing skills in providing health care.

  • To develop the desire for continuous education, professional upgrading and personal development

We are providing adequate time for each student to practice in the lab.

All the practice sections are monitored by faculty of Kasturba Nursing College. This helps to improve the practical skill and confidence so that the students can provide patient care in an effective way.

Fundamental Laboratory