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  • Obstetrics and gynaecology lab well equipped and used the students for demonstrating the procedure.

  • Obstetrics and gynecological laboratory is designed to make students gain knowledge and techniques to the real situation procedures. It is well equipped with instruments, fetal skulls, maternal pelvis, forceps, dummies for mechanism of labor, models for normal and abnormal labor mechanism ,

  • Flowcharts of obstetrical care and principles and charts to provide every possible knowledge related to obstetrics and gynecological nursing.

  • It allows the students to assume same situation as in clinical setting to make them competent in technical skills with proper use of scientific principles. Stock maintenance and cleanliness is taken into consideration.

MCH Laboratory



  • Appreciate the trend in the field of midwifery, obstetrics and gynecology as a specialty

  • Describe the population and indicator of maternal and child Health.

  • Describe the concept of biophysical, psychological and spiritual aspect of normal pregnancy, labour and puerperium.

  • Provide the comprehensive Nursing care to women during reproductive period and new born.

  • Integrate the concept of family centered nursing process approach in obstetric and gynecological nursing.

  • Identify and analyze the deviation from normal birth process and refer appropriately.

  • Describe the pharmacological agent, their effects during pregnancy, child birth, puerperium, lactation and the role of nurse.

  • Counsel adolescents, women and families on issues pertaining

  • Describe the roll of various complementary and alternative therapies in obstetrics and gynecological Nursing.

  • Incorporate evidence based nursing practice and identify the areas of research in the field of obstetric and gynecological Nursing.

  • Describe the recent advancement in contraceptive technology and birth control measures.

  • Describe the recent advancement in contraceptive technology

  • Describe epidemiology, etiology, pathophysiology and diagnostic assessment of women with obstetrics and gynecological conditions.

  • Practice infection control measures.

  • Identify and manage obstetrics and neonatal emergencies as per protocol.

  • Utilize recent technology and various diagnostics, therapeutic modalities in the management.

  • Design the layout of specialty unit of obstetrical and gynecology.

  • Demonstrate competence in caring for high risk in newborn.

  • Counsel the women and families.

  • Incorporate evidence based nursing practice and identify the areas of research in the field of obstetrical and gynecological Nursing.

  • Function as independent midwifery nurse practitioner.

  • Perform physical, psychological, cultural & spiritual assessment