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Nutritional Lab

Our lab is special well furnished with utensils and nutritional charts. It is well ventilated, lighting & adequate water facilities with sitting arrangements for -10-12 students. The students are imparted knowledge to assess the nutritional needs, caloric requirement of different age groups and during various disease conditions.

The objective of the Nutrition Lab

  • To describe the relationship between nutrition and health.

  • To describe the classification, function sources and recommended daily allowances of all nutrients (Carbohydrate, Proteins, Fats, Vitamins, and Minerals etc.)

  • To describe the sources, function, and requirements of water and electrolytes.

  • To prepare various types of diets Bland diet, Fluid diet, Diabetic diet, cardiac diet etc.

  • To introduce students about cookery rules and preservation of nutrients.

  • To give knowledge regarding the calculation of a balanced diet for different categories of people.

  • To gain knowledge about principles and methods of cooking and serving.

  • To prepare and serve simple beverages and different type of foods.

The Lab facilities includes glassware articles, refrigerator , steel utensils , mixture Grinder, dinner set, dining table with chair , table met, gas stove, ovens, weighting machine Lockers, Cupboards, We are providing adequate time for each student to practice in the lab.

All the practice sections are monitored by faculty of Kasturba Nursing College. This helps to improve the practical skill and confidence so that the students can maintains optimum health , its application for practice of nutrition for the clients with different conditions and also practical therapeutic diet to promote the health of the client .