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IT lab computer use only for the Educational purposes ,total there are 5 computer available in the IT lab ,all are in working condition ,every PC having internet facility available ,size of it lab 15 by 10 feet ,lab is well constructed Air condition with 24 hrs electricity facility available and internet ,students are following all instruction rules and regulation for using the IT lab ,


General instruction to use IT lab

1. Respect the equipment do not remove or disconnect any part, cable or label

2. Chewing gum or food or drinking water not allow in the computer lab.

3. Do not download or install any programmed

4. No internet gaming activity allow.

5. Ask the permission to print.


IT Laboratory



IT Laboratory



The computer rooms rule and regulation are important. We having large number of students all using the same facility so it is important that there are some procedure in place which help us to maintain the smooth running of the computer Lab. Computer are provided for support of approved course work

In addition to the normal institute regulation the following point must be obeyed

1. Each computer may use one computer at a time

2. Students may not install the software in computer.

3. Drink water is allowed

4. Do not displayed any sexual graphics

5. Students should park their bicycle and vehicle in parking area.

6. Computer game are prohibited

7. PPT available in the computer

8. IT lab open at 8 am Monday to Friday and up to 5 pm on Saturday


IT Laboratory



IT Laboratory